Smart from scratch.

We engineered the Eeyo Smartwheel from the ground up to bring power, efficiency and intelligence into perfect harmony.

All Together Now

Designing Eeyo gave us a chance to start over. Other electric drivetrains evolved slowly to replace traditional bike components piece by piece, which spread them out over the entire bike. The Eeyo Smartwheel brings the motor, battery and sensors together into one incredibly smart and lightweight wheel.

Range up to 75 km*          Maximum speed up to 25 km/h          Full charge in 2,5 hours

*Range is calculated from tests of a 85 kg rider on Eeyo 1s with a fully charged battery at an average speed of 22 kph. 

Focus on the road, not your screen.

The streamlined Eeyo app displays only what's essential while you ride. A simple glance tells you everything you need to know.

Natural power assist
No need to get out of the saddle. The harder you pedal, the more Eeyo Smartwheel helps out. It makes hills feel flat and flat roads fun.

Power management
Eeyo Smartwheel manages its power so you don't run out of battery on your ride. The lower the charge, the more careful it is. Eeyo gets you home.

Auto lock
Once you walk away from your Eeyo, the motor locks itself, preventing the hub from turning and thieves from riding off into the sunset on your bike.

Gets smarter
Gogoro Eeyo will receive continuous updates and features based on your feedback. We're never finished.

New features on the horizon.

Turn assist off

Ride Eeyo without any help from the motor for maximum power savings.

Apple Watch Support

Lock and unlock your Eeyo and get all your ride information right on your watch.

Enhanced ride data

Track your trip distance, time and calories burned on your rides.

Dark mode

Save your battery and your eyes with dark mode for night time riding.